17 julio 2013

Armin van Buuren & NERVO feat. Laura V. - Turn This Love Around

What’s the point of hiding, 
We know what’s here inside, 
We know we can’t deny, 
I don’t know how to start it, 
But I won’t give up this fight, 
‘Cause I gotta know we tried... 

There’s no reason we should stop believing, 
We can turn this love around, 
We can do this, 
I know we’ll get through it, 
If we turn this love around, 
Turn it around, 
Baby, turn it around, 
Turn this love around... 

Daylight turns to darkness, 
Seasons fade away, 
But I know nothing here has changed, 
‘Cause we’re getting through the heart aches, 
And some would fall astray, 
But I know our love still remains... 

I know we can, 
Don’t give up on that, 
Turn this love around...